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Sinorix™ Waterless Fire
Extinguishing Systems

Protect your business, important assets, and the environment with Sinorix™



A Sinorix™ Waterless Fire Extinguishing system will extinguish a fire before it becomes large enough to activate the sprinkler system. Waterless Extinguishing is designed to protect critical assets and irreplaceable items inside the building—from fire as well as damage caused by water.


When it comes to fire prevention, most businesses rely on sprinkler systems or, in some cases, a Halon system. Critical areas that contain your most vital assets and operations require a higher level of fire protection. The Sinorix system is an intelligent and customizable fire suppression solution that protects mission critical areas, prevents collateral damage, and enables business to continue as usual.


Through its high-tech detection and rapid suppression, Sinorix will respond to and suppress fires at their initial stages, thus preventing damage to valuable assets, keeping occupants safe, and ensuring business continuity.